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Major Vehicle Repairs

Major Vehicle Repairs in Lewisville, Texas

major vehicle repairs

Anticipation Is the Best Medicine

When it comes to quality vehicle care, it’s always better to prevent something now than to deal with it later on. Putting off necessary maintenance or repairs can often mean greater danger down the road. Faulty components can compromise your ability to drive safely.
Here at Zoomerz Automotive, we’ll always do what we can to maintain your vehicle and keep it safe. Our comprehensive inspection and maintenance services will always point out the biggest areas of concern for your vehicle.

For the Catastrophes We Can’t Prevent

However, even for the best cars or the smoothest rides, there are some crises that a regular maintenance schedule can’t prevent. Accidents and crashes happen, no matter what condition the car happens to be in. When that happens, it’s often hard to know how to pick up the pieces. When your vehicle ceases being drivable to any degree, how do you salvage it?
With our help, you don’t always have to. Whether your problems stem from improper maintenance, poor manufacturing or even just bad luck, we’ll still take a look at it. We specialize in rebuilding or replacing your engine, transmission, suspension and much more. 
major vehicle repairs

Affordable and Accurate

Zoomerz Automotive’s prices are 35 percent more affordable than those of our closest competitors. We strive to give quality parts and service to our customers, whatever the extent of the damage. We are trained in every car system on the market, from antiques and vintage models to modern, high-tech engines, transmissions and electrical systems. You can rely on us.

Find Your Way Back to the Road

You have places you need to get to. If your car hasn’t been totaled and can still be restored, we’d love to take a look at it and help you get moving again.

Swing by our shop today and get your vehicle checked out. No matter what its condition, we can provide cogent advice and consultations. If it’s reclaimable, we’ll do everything we can to get it back on the road.
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