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Car Maintenance

Car Inspection and Maintenance for Lewisville, Texas

Car maintenance

Stay Secure in Your Transit

Your vehicle undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Whether you’re roughing it through the back roads or hammering down the highway, your car takes a lot when you drive it. In return, it’s going to take a lot to keep it in good driving condition.
Fortunately, Zoomerz Automotive offers a comprehensive maintenance package that covers every aspect of a well-functioning vehicle. When you bring in your car for routine maintenance, we’ll check all of it as part of our multi-point vehicle-inspection service.

21-Point Safety Inspection

To keep you safe on your daily drive, we offer all of the following as part of our maintenance service:
  1. Check tire pressure 
  2. Check brake fluid level
  3. Visually inspect exhaust system
  4. Check and fill washer fluid 
  5. Visually inspect shocks and struts
  6. Check oil level 
  7. Check steering system
  8. Inspect undercarriage (for leaks or drips) 
  9. Visually inspect belts​​

10. Check and fill lubrication points 
11. Visually check hoses
12. Check radiator level
13. Visually inspect tires
14. Check radiator fluid protection
15. Check air filter (and breather element if installed)
16. Check acid or base concentration of radiator fluid 

17.  Check P/S fluid level
18.  Check turn signals
19.  Check transmission fluid level (on automatic transmission)
20.  Check lights
21.  Inspect the drive axle condition on FWD vehicles or check the differentials or transfer case on RWD and 4WD vehicles

Work With Zoomerz Today

Our technicians are certified for professional inspections. We’ll always offer your vehicle the professionalism and thorough care that it deserves.
Come by our shop today and learn how we can better prepare your vehicle for daily use.
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