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Alignment and Suspension

Alignment and Suspension Services for Lewisville, Texas

alignment and suspension

Brace Everything for Your Next Drive

Any vehicle is a complex machine consisting of a number of different parts. Some of the most fundamentally important parts are your alignment and suspension. The alignment makes sure that the vehicle travels in the correct direction and doesn’t veer off the road or into traffic. Your suspension makes the ride smooth enough to be enjoyable.
Damage to either of these systems results in either a bumpy or a dangerous ride. Fortunately, Zoomerz Automotive can keep your vehicle in good condition so that there’s no need to worry about either of them.

Keep Your Alignment in Check

The only way to really be in control of your vehicle is to have your driving line up with your steering. This is the function of your alignment. This usually doesn’t get jostled out of place, but after a while, your alignment might wear out or get damaged. 
This will result in it pulling to one side, making you feel like you’re losing control. It’s very disorienting and can be dangerous. It can also have an impact on your gas efficiency, your tire longevity and a number of other complications.
alignment and suspension

Maintain Your Ideal Suspension

If you’ve ever been in a vehicle with a bad suspension, you probably remember it. It’s not easy to forget a car that rattles, thumps and bumps its passengers for the entire ride. Roads are bumpier than they often feel in our vehicles, and we owe a lot of our smooth driving to having a solid suspension.

If your suspension is broken or damaged, you’ll want it checked out as soon as possible. Being disoriented or distracted on the road is dangerous at best. You don’t want to pay the price for a full accident instead of just the repairs to fix your suspension.

Get Back on the Road With Us

You want to go places, and we want to get you there. Consult with us to get your alignment and suspension back in order. We’ll provide you with precise services that will get your car back into top performing shape.
Suspension basics/Alignment
Understanding a Suspension System